About Our Company

OFE Orchid Supplies

  We started back in 1981, as a small family run business, in a small rented warehouse. We imported Tree Fern products from Guatemala. We brought Cedar Wood baskets from Mexico. We brought Teak baskets from Thailand, Coco baskets from Venezuela, and Cork from Portugal. We were one of the first to import Sphagnum Moss from New Zealand. We brought Fir Bark from California, Orchid Clay pots from Georgia, and Osmunda fiber from Central Florida.  

  Times have changed. Some of those products are no longer available. Many are available but there is a variety of newer choices. We are constantly searching for new products, new cultivation techniques and new practices from all over the world. We learn and we offer this new information to you, our customers.  

  Our new web site reflects this. We tried to find a balance between what is needed to grow orchids successfully, with what is environmentally responsible, and financially practical. We constantly draw from all sources to bring to you the best products available.  

  We are at our core, still a family business. Our purpose is to serve your orchid growing needs the best we can with the resources we have.  

  Welcome to your new OFE Orchid Supplies.